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Can you recover my data?

There are many types of hard drive failures with varying severity, but most of the time, recovery is possible, even under extreme cases. The question is more often than not, can the data be retrieved at a price that makes sense?

Hard drives operate on the same principles as classic record players, using a spinning disk to hold data and reader arm (or digital needle) to read it. The key to avoiding data loss is to make regular backups of your data, and to have your computer serviced or managed regularly.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the storage medium, severity of failure, turnaround time and success rate, costs can range anywhere from under $100, up into the thousands. Professional evaluation will narrow down quote tremendously.

How long will it take?

Depends on the specifics of the recovery. Often in as little as 24-48 hours may be possible. However, some recoveries can take weeks or longer. Essentially, storage drive failures can be categorized into 3 general levels. Level 1 being the fastest and cheapest, and level 3 being the most labor intensive and expensive.

Can you restore my computer to exactly the way it was?

This is platform specific. For Windows based data recoveries, we are not able to save functional copies of software applications; we are only able to save files and data created by those programs. For Mac, sometimes it may be possible to save some applications in certain situations. Software applications are integrated into the operating system when first installed, and when a hard drive fails or an operating system reinstallation is necessary, all programs will be lost and will have to be reinstalled, either from disc or by downloading the application(s) from the Internet.

Why did my hard drive fail?

Like any mechanical device, all hard drives will eventually fail. Hard drives are extremely delicate and typically last between 3 and 5 years. Drives can fail at any time when damaged by moisture, heat or shock. You should always back up your data with the knowledge that your hard drive can fail at any time and without warning.

Why is data recovery expensive?

The fact is, data recovery is not just software by any means. It is a specialized micro-mechanical and electronic trouble-shooting process that requires a great deal of experience and resources. The resources, staff and facilities required to deliver professional recovery are immense. That’s why its critical to go with a service you can trust to deliver the best value possible.

What about hard drive repair options?

While it is possible to repair a hard drive, it is generally cheaper to replace a drive rather than to repair it. Hard drives can only be repaired in special clean rooms, and the process wipes any data from the drive. For this reason, data recovery is always attempted first, and once the data has been saved, then the drive can safely be sent in for repair or replacement.

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